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Medical care

MNCOME staff partner with you to determine a care plan that best meets your needs. And we take the time necessary to review where you've been, consider where you are, and determine what is optimal moving forward. Most people do not have a single chronic disease - rather several conditions impact one another. For instance, weight often is behind Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. At MNCOME, we treat the whole person and recommend lifestyle changes and medication as appropriate.
Patient portal

Overflowing with useful features

FollowMyHealth™ is our patient portal program. MNCOME staff will generate an email invitation from FollowMyHealth™ to create an account so that you can do the following:

Track progress

You have access to much of the information included in your patient chart, including lab results, medications, office visit summaries, and active diagnoses. NOTE: any changes you make here will NOT appear in your chart at MNCOME.

Message your provider

Send questions, information, and requests to the doctor, nurse practitioner, and educators. They will typically respond within 48 business day hours. You may also request appointments with them.

Refill your medicine

Submit refill requests to your provider. For best results, let your provider know several days before you run out of medication.

Pay your bills

You may pay your bills online through the patient portal.
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Patient Education

We believe strongly in learning to manage health and wellbeing. Our dietitians and diabetes care specialists are here to assist you with goal setting and problem solving, as well as provide any needed education and support.

Managing diabetes

Knowing how to track and treat blood sugar levels through use of insulin or medications is key to managing diabetes. Our educators help you learn how to use appropriate devices and methods, taking the worry out of care.

Improving nutrition

Building a healthy relationship with food and learning how to make healthy choices without sacrificing taste are key to good health. Our educators help you plan meals that make sense for you.

Finding physical activity you enjoy

Increasing physical activity is a must for healthy living. Our educators help you figure out a game plan that you will most likely implement long-term. The key is to find something you love doing.

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Frequently asked questions

We are here to help

Navigating the healthcare system often can be confusing or frustrating. Below are questions patients often ask.
Will my insurance cover medical nutrition therapy?
There are thousands of health plans and they each have their own policies. We suggest you contact your plan to find out what they will and will not do. The procedure codes will be either 97802 (initial MNT visit) or 97803 (follow-up MNT visits). The usual diagnosis codes will be E66.1 (obesity) or E66.3 (overweight). It's also useful to ask how many visits you are allowed if they do cover MNT.
How long does it take to get my lab results back?
We send blood samples out to Quest Diagnostics and results can take up to 10 days. Once they're reviewed, we post them to your patient portal account and discuss them with you in person.
What insurance plans do you take?
We work with most health plans. However, those affiliated with Fairview Health Systems typically will not cover services outside of their clinics. We are NOT contracted with out-of-state medicaid plans, Hennepin Health, or Prime West Health Systems (both medicaid plans).
Do I need a referral to come to MNCOME?
We do not require a referral. However, some health plans require that your primary care provider submit a referral to your health plan for approval to get services covered. All Minnesota Advantage health plans require such a referral, for instance.
Why can't I create a FollowMyHealth™ account?
The instructions for setting up a patient portal account include entering EITHER the last four digits of your social security number OR your birth year, NOT both. If you've given us your social security number, the last four digits will be the code you use. Otherwise, it's your birth year. If you still have trouble, please contact us to be sure we've entered your information correctly.
Can I make a virtual appointment if I live locally?
We require in-person appointments now that the COVID emergency response has been lifted. Seeing you in clinic allows us to provide the best care possible. We can get necessary vitals, labs drawn, and notice any physical changes that affect your health.

More questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.

Real stories from real patients

Hear from some of our amazing patients who are taking charge of their health.
“It took me some time to be truthful with myself and own my obesity. For the first time in my life I understood that it–- obesity-–was the enemy, not my life or me. I knew I had to have help; I relied, and continue to rely on, my faith in God. I also wanted to have medical guidance. Whether I hit a plateau or gain weight during this maintenance challenge I am in, I make adjustments and remain focused. Maintenance is the greater challenge for me; although food may no longer be an addiction, the reality of weight control and healthy living depends on my decision making process."
Gloria L.
“Arriving at MNCOME, I felt hopeless and buried by my chronic conditions. I was desperate, frustrated and struggling to simultaneously manage PCOS and Graves’ Disease. Beginning with my very first encounter with Virginia, she listened, cared and considered my entire body and medical history in a way no other provider ever had.Within a few months, I was able to overcome pre-diabetes and successfully manage my chronic issues with the ongoing support of Virginia, Bronwyn and all of the MNCOME staff. Everyone is so kind and supportive. I continue to recommend MNCOME to people because I know coming here has drastically improved my life.”
Jean D.
"I first started at MNCOME after a conversation with my primary care provider. I had told him I wanted to lose weight, but I would not diet, so he referred me to MNCOME. Meeting the goals I set with my educators and Dr. Gonzalez has been a gradual process, which is okay with me since weight loss and management are ongoing. It has felt relatively easy to keep moving forward in this process because of the support and encouragement I receive."
Kathy R.
When I first came to MNCOME, I was really at the end of my rope, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Today,I am a different person. I will always have struggles because some things are simply controllable not curable, but Virginia has left no stone unturned. I had no idea I was in menopause even though I'd had lab work elsewhere. I want everyone to know there is hope!
Julia K.
“Although my weight was not the reason I first came to MNCOME, I appreciate the lab workup and general health evaluation that were part of my first visit and have found my education appointments to be extremely helpful. The compassion and concern that all of the MNCOME staff have for others has made it possible for me to actually look forward to my education visits.”
Floyd M.
“My doctor recommended MNCOME for weight management after a high A1C blood test. The team at MNCOME listened to my concerns and helped me to develop a plan. They caught a previously undiagnosed medical issue that is now under control.  I cannot thank them enough, my quality of life has improved by leaps and bounds, which means more than the number on the scale. MNCOME focuses on the whole patient.”
Sarah T.