About us

Helping people with weight management through education and medication.

MNCOME was founded in 2003 mainly to focus on helping people with weight loss and management through lifestyle changes in eating and physical activity, along with medications if needed. Founder and CEO, Dr. J. Michael Gonzalez-Campoy could see that weight was often tied to other endocrinology issues like diabetes. He wanted to create a place where patients could be treated as whole individuals. He also wanted to focus on helping people learn how to lose and manage weight in a safe way. Besides weight, MNCOME can help you with diabetes, thyroid, PCOS, and a variety of other endocrine needs. If you are new, you can call us at 651-379-1600. If you are an existing patient you can request an appointment in your patient portal account.

Meet our team

MNCOME is an independent practice. This means we all help make decisions on how we can best take care of patients. You are not a number to any of us. We aim to: Take our time and get to know you; Help you learn the skills to manage your own health and wellbeing; Be thorough in taking care of you, and supportive along the way
Bruce Richardson, MD
Family Practice Physician
Medical School, Boston University; Family Practice Residency, University of Minnesota Medical School - Twin Cities
Dr. J. Michael Gonzalez-Campoy, MD, PhD, FACE
Medical Director and Founder/CEO
Medical School, PhD program, and Internal Medicine Residency - Mayo Medical School Endocrinology Fellowship: University of Minnesota Medical School - Twin Cities
Andrea Pierson, RN, CDCES
BA: Nursing from Gustavus Adolphus College
Bronwyn Knaebe, MS, RD, CDCES
BS: dietetics and psychology at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. MS: nutrition and integrated physiology with a concentration in sports nutrition: University of Utah
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Real stories from real patients

Hear from some of our amazing patients who are taking charge of their health.
“It took me some time to be truthful with myself and own my obesity. For the first time in my life I understood that it–- obesity-–was the enemy, not my life or me. I knew I had to have help; I relied, and continue to rely on, my faith in God. I also wanted to have medical guidance. Whether I hit a plateau or gain weight during this maintenance challenge I am in, I make adjustments and remain focused. Maintenance is the greater challenge for me; although food may no longer be an addiction, the reality of weight control and healthy living depends on my decision making process."
Gloria L.
“Arriving at MNCOME, I felt hopeless and buried by my chronic conditions. I was desperate, frustrated and struggling to simultaneously manage PCOS and Graves’ Disease. Beginning with my very first encounter with Virginia, she listened, cared and considered my entire body and medical history in a way no other provider ever had.Within a few months, I was able to overcome pre-diabetes and successfully manage my chronic issues with the ongoing support of Virginia, Bronwyn and all of the MNCOME staff. Everyone is so kind and supportive. I continue to recommend MNCOME to people because I know coming here has drastically improved my life.”
Jean D.
"I first started at MNCOME after a conversation with my primary care provider. I had told him I wanted to lose weight, but I would not diet, so he referred me to MNCOME. Meeting the goals I set with my educators and Dr. Gonzalez has been a gradual process, which is okay with me since weight loss and management are ongoing. It has felt relatively easy to keep moving forward in this process because of the support and encouragement I receive."
Kathy R.
When I first came to MNCOME, I was really at the end of my rope, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Today,I am a different person. I will always have struggles because some things are simply controllable not curable, but Virginia has left no stone unturned. I had no idea I was in menopause even though I'd had lab work elsewhere. I want everyone to know there is hope!
Julia K.
“Although my weight was not the reason I first came to MNCOME, I appreciate the lab workup and general health evaluation that were part of my first visit and have found my education appointments to be extremely helpful. The compassion and concern that all of the MNCOME staff have for others has made it possible for me to actually look forward to my education visits.”
Floyd M.
“My doctor recommended MNCOME for weight management after a high A1C blood test. The team at MNCOME listened to my concerns and helped me to develop a plan. They caught a previously undiagnosed medical issue that is now under control.  I cannot thank them enough, my quality of life has improved by leaps and bounds, which means more than the number on the scale. MNCOME focuses on the whole patient.”
Sarah T.