Our Services

Medical Care

MNCOME was founded mainly to focus on helping people with weight loss and management through lifestyle changes in eating and physical activity, along with medications like Phentermine if needed.

Dr. Gonzalez-Campoy could see that weight was often tied to other endocrinology issues like diabetes. He wanted to create a place where patients could be treated as whole individuals. He also wanted to focus on helping people learn how to lose and manage weight in a safe way.

Besides weight, MNCOME can help you with diabetes and a variety of other endocrine needs. If you are new, you can call us at 651-379-1600. If you are an existing patient you can request an appointment in your patient portal account.

Patient Education

We believe strongly in learning to manage health and wellbeing. Our dietitians and diabetes care specialists are here to assist you with goal setting and problem solving, as well as provide any needed education and support.

Your educator can help you with things like:

  • Choosing a meal pattern that fits your lifestyle
  • Your relationship to eating and food
  • Finding physical activity you enjoy
Weight has been a life-long issue for me [but my] referral to MNCOME was originally for thyroid function review. Although my weight was not the reason I first came to MNCOME, I appreciate the lab workup and general health evaluation that were part of my first visit and have found my education appointments to be extremely helpful. The compassion and concern that all of the MNCOME staff have for others has made it possible for me to actually look forward to my education visits.


Elsie J.

I went to my first appointment with some understanding of my weight issues but not really knowin the physiology of what the weight was doing to my body. The MNCOME team educated me on the diseases I had developed, what they were doing to my body and how I could overcome this. We have worked on behavior modification and healthy eating together. I am treated with kindness, sincerity and respect, and am always given the time necessary to go over any questions, concerns or setbacks I am experiencing. 
Michele W.

In February, 2009 I became a patient at MNCOME. With the help of the staff there I have been able to learn and use tools for a healthier lifestyle. My weight has dropped steadily so that today I weigh 90 pounds less than I did when I started. Because my eating disorder involves a psychological component, MNCOME staff referred me to the Emily Program, an eating disorders clinic. For three years now, my specific mental health needs are met by the Emily Program. I get medical care and nutritional guidance from MNCOME.
Dan H.